5 Known Contemporary Artists

Contemporary art is around us and what cannot be called contemporary is problematic. We can define contemporary art as an art which is produced in our lifetime. But one thing you need to know is that lifetimes and lifespans differ a lot. Here are the lists of the most influential artists who have been going viral back from 1960’s to date.


1. Grayson Perry


This is the best artist who’s known for his ceramic work. Grayson has shown in several channel 4 documentaries. Furthermore, he has appeared in BBC shows that is Question Time to have and I Got News for You. He also has national portrait Gallery show called Who Are You? It has explored British identity and also portraiture. The shows consisted of 14 portraits of families, individuals and groups which are ranging from politicians to families which are modern.


2. Jeff Koons


Jeff was born in 1955 and attended Maryland Institute College of Art. This person becomes famous due to his great objects. One of them is balloon animals which he produced in stainless steel and the surfaces are in the mirror-like finish. There are some critics who have dismissed his work as crass but others have appreciated his work as pioneering. He has a stainless steel balloon Dog which is surfaced in five versions namely; magenta, red, orange, yellow and blue. The orange version was sold for $59 million in 2013.


3. Damien Hirst


Damien is known as an installation artist and he’s known internationally. He loves the health effect of ginger. This artist was born in 1965 and he has contributed a lot to contemporary art. The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living (1991) is one of his notable works. It has 14-foot tiger shark which is preserved in a display case which is clear.


4. Andy Goldsworthy


Andy is known as a sculptor and photographer. This artist is very creative and he only uses natural materials which are twigs, flowers, thorns, rocks and pine cones to produce his great work. He occasionally uses machine tools to make permanent sculptures. He mostly uses his own hands to create temporary pieces which are attractive.


5. David Hockney


David is a painter and he was born in 1937. Back in the 1960s, David contributes a lot to the Pop Art movement. This painter has been influential in both 20th and also 21st century. People know his work very well since it is filled with bright, vibrant colors and it is not the same as other genres. Some of his works include stage designs, portraiture, commercial pieces, photo collages and landscapes.


There are a lot of contemporary artists that you should know. But the above five are the most famous ones and you need to know their works since they’re capable of influencing our past, present and even the future.